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The world is opening up again! Now accepting guests again as of April 2022. Triple vaxxed as of Jan 2022. Guests must follow all local masking laws and social distancing regulations at the time of their visit. As of July 2022: masks must be worn outside and inside at all times (buildings, transit, taxis, etc.), except when eating and drinking. There are currently no restrictions on group size or business curfews.

Seoul is a massive, captivating city begging to be explored. Some come for the history, some come for the nightlife.  Unfortunately, as with many Asian mega cities, the language barrier makes it difficult to truly get into the city below the surface.

There’s so much good food to be had beyond the (tasty) chain restaurants with English menus. There’s so much more nightlife to be had than standing around with foreigners in Itaewon or Hongdae because they speak your language.

But how? Where?

Let me help you. With the nightlife part.