Seoul Day Trips – Chuncheon

Chuncheon is a popular destination for both tourists and Koreans alike. Tourists go for places like Nami Island, Petite France and the Chuncheon Rail Bike. Chuncheon is also the home of dak galbi, a unique Korean dish made of spicy chicken rib meat, sweet potatoes, onion, and cabbage sauteed in a pan. It’s absolutely worth a try since this is typically not available at many places outside of Korea.

Recently, the boyfriend and I took a day trip to Chuncheon to see one of his favorite singers, Sohyang. Seriously, though. Her voice. Chills. And that good Englishee, too.

To get to Chuncheon, there are many ways. For our day trip, we took the ITX train to Chuncheon (1-1.5 hrs or so from Seoul) near our home from Wangsimni Station. Most visitors can take the train from Yongsan Station. There is also a subway, but it takes around two hours and a seat is not guaranteed.  We went all the way to Chuncheon Station for our short day trip, but most visitors get off at Gapyeong Station for Nami Island. You can reserve ITX tickets here.

**For visitors who wish to do a day trip with ALL of the activities (Nami, Petite France, etc.) together, the Gapyeong City Tour Bus is recommended as the attractions are spread far apart and would require expensive taxis. You cannot rely on public transit within Chuncheon for far distances.**

Chuncheon ITX Train
Early morning, hungover ITX train to Chuncheon…but we stay cute of course.

After stopping by the concert venue, we headed to Chuncheon Myeongdong Dak Galbi Street for lunch. I ALWAYS go to the same spot over the years, Myeongdong Il Beon Ji Dak Galbi. Typically this sauce in Seoul is just a lot of red pepper, but it tastes richer and deeper here. Chuncheon is also famous for makguksu, a cold noodle dish.

Chuncheon Myeongdong Dak Galbi
Chuncheon Dak Galbi Finished Product
After Cooking. Not the sexiest, but you get the idea!

After our lunch, we took a short 4,000W taxi ride to Namchuncheon Station area for bike rentals.  There are MANY bike rental shops in Chuncheon. We tried many cheap Korean services, but they were sold out for the day. The rentals in the park near the lake tend to be expensive (like 5,000W for one hour). Instead, we just asked the tourist desk at the station where to go. They directed us to a shop just down the street from the station named Alton. MAP BELOW.

We paid 10,000W for the whole day for proper mountain bikes. Not shitty rentals. Real mountain bikes for real riding. We even had the bikes until they closed at 9 PM, so literally all day. While the cost was higher, the time value and bike quality was worth it.

The concert was held at Uiam Park (MAP BELOW), a ten minute bike ride from Namchuncheon Station. The park has very clear, detailed bike paths with English maps and signage. At the park, there are maaaaaaaany paths to take and go. The lake is huge and if you really want to bike, you can really go all day all the way around the lake.

Chuncheon Bike Gang
This bike gang will FUCK.YOU.UP.

After our concert in the evening, we took an ITX train back to Wangsimni Station (again since it is near hour home). All ITX trains start and end at Yongsan Station.  We had dinner in our neighborhood at a delicious lamb skewer restaurant…… more on that later!

My favorite neighborhood spot for lamb skewers

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