Who is The Real Seoul?

Me! My name is Michael Hollifield and I’m a 34 year old American that’s lived in Seoul since 2011. I moved here to teach English, but around 2014, I decided to stay here forever. I completed a government-sponsored language and culture program and received my residency visa in August 2017. While I’m still teaching English in the afternoons, I dedicate my nights and resources to you!



What Is The Real Seoul?

The Real Seoul is anything and everything you want it to be. Simple questions about navigating Seoul? We do that. Restaurant recommendations? Ok. A nightlife/drinking buddy? Absolutely yes.  No request is too weird, no favor too burdensome!

Where is The Real Seoul?

The Real Seoul is everywhere. Outside your door step, on the corner, in the back alleys. It’s yours for the taking! Seriously though, I work out of my home and cafes in the Gangnam area.


When is The Real Seoul?

The Real Seoul primarily serves visitors food and nightlife needs. All of the historical stuff and tourist sites have been covered 1,000,000 times over everywhere online. What hasn’t been covered: real local restaurants without English menus. That cool corner basement bar that was full of people that you couldn’t muster up the courage to visit yourself.


Why The Real Seoul?

Because you don’t want to pay 150$ for a food tour when you know they cost 50% less. Because you are outgoing. Because you want to meet new people. Because you like to drink. Because it’s just a good idea.