Nick Etc at Romantic PochaSo what is a Real Seoul Tour? Well, for one, it’s fun. Like meeting an old friend you haven’t seen in years. Two, just have a look below at a sample itinerary.

8 PM-ish: Meet in a convenient neighborhood based on your day’s schedule. Typically, most guests save their Gangnam exploration for this day and meet at Sinnonhyeon Station.

Sinnonhyeon Exit 3

Group size is max 4-6. This keeps a more casual feeling…and also allows me to change my plans and go anywhere and everywhere as you want, without having to worry about large group reservations.

Barbecue? Meat? Fish? Super spicy? Whatever you want, we can eat it.  While most have had Korean BBQ before, everyone agrees that here it’s totally different.

10 PM: Round Two. Head to a Korean “bar,” which is more like a restaurant with more unique dishes to try (soy sauce marinated raw shrimp, sashimi, fried chicken….)

12 AM: Round Three. Just get a little more tipsy for karaoke courage.

1-2:30 AM: Karaoke, Karaoke, Karaoke!

2:30 AM  – ???? : If you can handle it, we can keep going until the sun comes up! There’s no shortage of places to go.


Most large tour guides in Seoul charge 100 USD PLUS!!! This includes “everything” but even for me, I know that’s a steep price up front! That’s WILD. I’m new to the tour guide business, but not the game, so my knowledge is strong :-).  The MOST important thing I ask all visitors for is a Trip Advisor review. This is what helps me build by business to become sustainable as a full time, future career.

Vistors do pay for my portion of the bill wherever we go (so total cost varies by what you want to eat, how much, how many places etc.). Most do tip 20-30,000 KRW per person cash at the end of the evening to say thank you :-).

Those that really like to drink, well obviously, they’ll spend more. Those that want to try every imaginable food under the sun and go to ten places, that can cost more, too.

For a standard dinner of fancy BBQ meat, that’s about 30,000W per person. We’re talking high end, sexy meat with excellent service. Cheaper places are available, of course!

For second round chicken or makgeolli place, expect around 15,000W per person.

If you want to do karaoke (and you should), it’s around 10,000W a person.

Again, these prices are just a guesstimate. It’s certainly cheap to go out here based on western standards! These prices include every drop of alcohol and every kind of food imaginable. You will leave full and hopefully a little drunk :-)!