Our Night Out

Nick Etc at Romantic Pocha

So what is a night out with The Real Seoul? Well, for one, it’s fun. Like meeting an old friend you haven’t seen in years. Two, just have a look below at a sample itinerary.

IMPORTANT UPDATE ABOUT TAXIS/TRANSIT: As of July 2022, late night taxis are in VERY short supply late at night any day of the week. This is because most of the taxi drivers quit during COVID restrictions and didn’t come back. Kakao T, UT (Uber taxi call app), all report long waits.

Please let me know your accommodations and plans so I can help you with public transit to get back home. Subway stops around Midnight and bus around 1 AM. Many people do get lucky with taxis, but I’d hate for you to wait an hour or more. So let’s plan accordingly to get you home easily! Bring cash/T-Money card for the bus or subway. Also, most visitors now meet me around 7 to enjoy more time together and catch transit home.

7 PM-ish: Meet in a convenient neighborhood based on your day’s schedule. Typically, most guests save their Gangnam exploration for this day and meet at Sinnonhyeon Station.

Sinnonhyeon Exit 3

Group size is max 4. This keeps a more casual feeling…and also allows me to change my plans and go anywhere and everywhere as you want, without having to worry about large group reservations. On busy nights in Gangnam, which is most nights, it is impossible to get a big table for 6-7 or more than one table for large groups.

99% of the time – my guests are solo travellers, small friend groups, or couples. Very, very, very rarely are strangers mixing and mingling. Not that it’s a bad thing, but it’s just how the groups have always worked out :-).

Barbecue? Meat? Fish? Super spicy? Whatever you want, we can eat it.  While most have had Korean BBQ before, everyone agrees that here it’s totally different.

9 PM: Round Two. Head to a Korean “bar,” which is more like a restaurant with more unique dishes to try (soy sauce marinated raw shrimp, sashimi, fried chicken….)

11-12 AM: Karaoke – if you’re tipsy enough and want to try it , of course!

2:30 AM  – ???? : If you can handle it, we can keep going until the sun comes up! There’s no shortage of places to go.

Disclaimer: Guests assume all liability for any accidents, loss, or injury, including death; before, during, and after our meet up. Please drink responsibly and travel safely. 


Guests must pay a 50 USD per person tip deposit to hold their date. This deposit is fully refundable up to 72 hours before our meetup (Korea local time). Guests are also responsible for covering Michael’s portion of food and drinks during the evening. For example, if there are two guests and Michael, the bill would be split evenly by the two guests. The total cost of food and drinks varies based on how many places the guests want to go, what type of things we order, etc.

The MOST important thing I ask all visitors for is a Trip Advisor review. This is what helps me sustain my future 🙂 !